Establishing a foundation of psychological treatments for trauma victims

Mental Care

This initiative is dedicated to addressing the mental health needs of residents in southern Israel outside the "Otef Aza" region who have experienced trauma. Recognizing that psychological treatments for trauma require time and consistency, this project aims to provide essential financial support for individuals in the southern region who are unable to afford such services on their own.

To achieve this goal, the foundation will collaborate with professional volunteers, including psychologists and social workers, to develop a comprehensive and effective intervention plan. The foundation is committed to establishing professional requirements for therapists, recognizing the importance of a structured approach to trauma recovery. We will also specify the number of approved therapeutic sessions for each individual, understanding that success in trauma treatment often requires a sustained effort.

Operating under the guidance of ClearGiving, an organization with a proven track record in collaboration with welfare departments, the foundation will maintain regular communication with field operators to ensure a coordinated and supportive approach throughout the treatment process.

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